Cat. Title Location Map [d] Speakers Dates Places
Getting Ahead with Writing your Thesis: Procrastinastion Management University of Zürich if possible, otherwise online

Dr. Esther Leemann UZH

1615503600 March 12, with two online follow-up meetings (May 28, June 25) 14 / 18 registration
Dialogic Resiliences and Resonances (co-organized with the sociology program) Les Diablerets if possible, otherwise online

Prof. Hartmut Rosa, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, DE

Prof. Andrew Wilford, Cornell University, Ithaca, US

1618524000 April 16-18 10 / 10 registration
PhD meet up Locarno (if the SAA Annual meeting is in-person, otherwise online)

Dr. Olivia Kilias, UZH

Prof. Dr. Tobias Haller, UNIBE

1619128800 April 23 5 / 25 registration
Exploring Risks and Vulnerabilities: Gender and Power Relations in Field Research (co-organised with the gender program) University of Neuchâtel

To be announced

1619992800 May 3-4 0 / 15 joint
Dealing with an Awful Mess: Data Labor, Collaborations and Carving Out Research Pathways to be announced

Prof. Jérôme Denis, Mines Paris Tech, Paris, FR 

1621288800 May 18-19 18 / 18 registration
Engaging With Research Ethics Through Feminist Lenses: Methods, Experiences and Writing (Co-Organised With the Gender Program) La Rouvraie, Bevaix

Dr. Nadja Eggert, UNIL

Dr. Holly Porter, University of Cambridge, UK

1622757600 4-5 juin 2021 8 / 10 registration
Metrics: How Things are Rendered Calculable To be announced

Prof. Susan Erikson, Simon Fraser University, US

Another expert to be appointed

1623880800 June 17-18 3 / 18 registration
Sex, Love and Marriage in the 21st Century La Rouvraie, Bellevue-sur-Bevaix if possible, otherwise online

Prof. Jennifer Cole, University of Chicago, US

Prof. Marcia Inhorn, Yale University, US

1631829600 September 17-18 9 / 18 registration
Anthropology Beyond the Human? To be announced

Prof. Heather Anne Swanson, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Prof. Mario Blaser, Tier II Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Studies Newfoundland and Labrador's University, Canada

1633557600 October 7-8 8 / 21 registration
Precarity and Opportunity: Issues in Economic Anthropology to be announced

Prof. Biao Xiang, MPI Halle, Germany

Prof. Bram Tucker, University of Georgia, US


1634767200 October 21-23 6 / 18 registration
Producing Knowledge through Images Mürren

Prof. Andrew Irving, Manchester University

1639695600 December 17-19 18 / 18 registration