Cat. Title Location Map [d] Speakers Dates Places
Dealing with an Awful Mess: Data Labor, Collaborations and Carving Out Research Pathways To be defined

Prof. Jérôme Denis, Mines Paris Tech, Paris, FR

Prof. David Bozzini, UNIFR

Prof. Nicolas Nova, HEAD Geneva

1651356000 May 2022, 2 days, exact date to be defined 6 / 18 registration
Dialogic Resiliences and Resonances Les Diablerets

Prof. Hartmut Rosa, Friedrich Schiller University, Germany

Prof. Andrew Willford, Cornell University, Ithaca

1652997600 May 20-22 4 / 10 registration
Locating Anthropology with regard to Ecology and Environment LaBecque and Vevey house, Vevey

Prof. Geremia Cometti, University of Strasbourg

Dr. Elise Demelenaere, CNRS, Paris 

Prof. Tobias Haller, UNIBE

1654725600 June 9-10 6 / 18 registration
Infrastructure and Life Juf (Graubünden)

Prof. Tina Harris, University of Amsterdam


1655244000 June 15-18 4 / 18 registration
Global mobility injustice: affects and temporalities of deterrence, detention and deportation To be defined

Prof. Shahram Khosravi, University of Stockholm

Prof. Martin Sökefeld, LMU München

1664402400 Sept 29 - Oct 1 7 / 18 registration
PhD Meet Up To be defined

Dr. Olivia Kilias, UZH


1667516400 November 4 6 / 25 registration