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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Domain Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
Abraham Andrea UNIBE E-Mail "Doing quality": the discursive construction of medical quality using the example of Swiss family medicine (working title) Prof. Dr. Heinzpeter Znoj
Amrein Thierry UNIL E-Mail « Émancipation et patriarcat : le cas du parcoursArianna » (titre provisoire) Patricia Roux Unil-SSP
Bacalzo Schwörer Doris UNILU E-Mail Transcultural socialization and childhood among the Wampar, Papua New Guinea Prof. Dr. Bettina Beer
Bauer Lara UNINE E-Mail medical and religious anthropology Enjeux et réseaux translocaux des « chirurgies parallèles » (Brésil, Philippines, Angleterre, Suisse) Christian Ghasarian, Institut d'Ethnologie, Neuchâtel 2017
Bolay Matthieu UNINE E-Mail La circulation des personnes dans les espaces de l'extraction aurifère artisanale en Afrique de l'ouest (Guinée, Mali, Côte d'ivoire) Prof. Janine Dahinden
Bürge Michael UNIZH E-Mail Crossing Borders, Crossing Sovereignty: An Ethnography of Local Practices of Regulation of Translocal Flows and Reconfigurations of Sovereignty beyond, within and with the State in Sierra Leone (working title) Prof. Shalini Randeria
Dr. Gerhard Anders
Busset Michaël UNIL E-Mail Cultural Anthropology "Kosovo je Srbija - Kosovo is Serbia". An ethnography of Serbian pilgrimages in Kosovo. Prof. Irene Maffi (Unil)
Byrne Sarah UNIZH E-Mail Becoming a Contender: Legitimacy, Authority and the Power of Making Do in Nepal’s Permanent Transition Benedikt Korf 2015
Cangià Flavia UNIFR E-Mail "Performing the Buraku. Narratives on Cultures and Everyday Life in Contemporary Japan" Christian Giordano 2010
Chamel Jean UNIL E-Mail Anthropology of nature and religions (provisional title) “Everything is connected”. Ethnography of a Network of Intellectuals of Environmentalism (France-Switzerland): From Systemic Collapse to Holistic and Monistic Ecospirituality. Prof. Raphaël Rousseleau
Dr. Yvan Droz
Cohn Miriam UNIBAS E-Mail Staging intangible culture: migrant theatre productions Prof. Dr. Walter Leimgruber
de Coulon Giada UNINE E-Mail Processus décisionnels de requérants d’asile déboutés de Suisse : quelle est la marge de manœuvre des acteurs? Etude de l’importance des réseaux sociaux face à une décision administrative de renvoi. Dr. Janine Dahinden
Derungs Nicolas UNINE E-Mail The role of cross-compliance instruments in the prevention of soil erosion in Switzerland: interdisciplinary analysis of an on-going failure Prof. Ellen Hertz
Prof. Edward Mitchell
Dietz Daniela UNIZH E-Mail On Bridges and Boundaries in Istanbul. An anthropological perspective on “agency” and “structure” in a contested urban space. Prof. Dr. Peter Finke
Dikovic Jovana UNIZH E-Mail economic and legal anthropology STRATEGIES OF EVERYDAY POLITICS IN RURAL SERBIA – Anthropological Insight into Post-socialist Rural Development Discrepancies after 2000 – Prof. Dr. Peter Finke
Dr. Slobodan Naumovic
Fioroni Claudie IHEID E-Mail "Politics of Work" and "Politics at Work" : The Case of the Jordan Phosphate Mine Company Professor Riccardo Bocco
George Rosemary IHEID E-Mail Transforming Returnees into Development Agents: Subjects, belonging and agencies involved in the creation of transnational development agents in an Indian context. Prof. Isabelle Milbert
Grolimund Andrea Patricia UNIL E-Mail Ageing, Agency and Health in Urbanizing Dar es Salaam Prof. Dr. Brigit Obrist
Prof. Dr. Till Förster
Hertig Gabriela IHEID E-Mail Stem Cell Biotechnologies in India Prof. Aditya Bharadwaj 2018
Ionita Irina IHEID E-Mail How is Another Knowledge Possible? Reflections on Empathy and the Colonial Difference in the Context of Indigenous Studies in Canada Prof. Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff
Jacot Descombes Andrea UNINE E-Mail "La parola che fa vedere" - Le théâtre de narration en Italie Prof. Ph. Geslin, professeur associé à l'Université de Neuchâtel 2016
Kassem Susann IHEID E-Mail The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon: An Ethnographic Study of the Practices of Peacekeeping Riccardo Bocco
Kaufmann Lena UNIZH E-Mail Paddy field bound: Chinese rice farmers’ strategies for protecting their farmland resources in rural-urban migration, 1980s to 2010s Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch
Prof. Dr. Annuska Derks
Kesselring Rita UNIBAS E-Mail "The Formation of a Victims' Subject Position in Today's South Africa: Embodiment and Juridification of Apartheid-Era Violence" Prof. Till Förster
Assoc. Prof. Fiona Ross, UCT
Kobi Madlen UNIBE E-Mail Constructing, Creating, and Contesting Cityscapes. A Socio-Anthropological Approach to Urban Transformation in Southern Xinjiang, People's Republic of China. Prof. Heinzpeter Znoj, Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Berne
Prof. Ellen Hertz, Institut d'Ethnologie, Université de Neuchâtel
Landolt Gabriela UNIBE E-Mail Change and Adaptation in the Swiss Alps: Bargaining Processes and Rule Constitution in the Collective Alpine Farming Prof. Tobias Haller
Leins Stefan UNIZH E-Mail Cockpits of Capitalism: An Ethnography of Financial Analysis Prof. Dr. Peter Finke
Prof. Dr. Ellen Hertz
Lems Annika UNIBE E-Mail Postdoctoral researcher in the SNF project "Transnational Biographies of Education. Young Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers and their Navigation through Shifting Social Realities in Switzerland and Turkey".
Mantel Carola UNIZH E-Mail Lehrperson, Migration und Differenz. Lebens- und berufsgeschichtliche Erfahrungen und Umgangsweisen mit Differenz und Zugehörigkeit bei Primarlehrpersonen der zweiten Einwanderergeneration Prof. Dr. Heinz Käufeler
Mastrangelo Simon UNIL E-Mail Anthropology « Giving meaning to a life course. Representations and beliefs of Tunisian undocumented migrants (harraga) » Prof. Monika Salzbrunn
Mateoc Raluca UNIFR E-Mail Social Anthropology The everyday memory of collectivization and rural socialism in a Transylvanian countryside Prof. Francois Ruegg 2017
Menet Joanna UNINE E-Mail Mobilität und transnationale soziale Praktiken am Beispiel des Salsatanzes (titre provisoire) Prof. Dr. Janine Dahinden
Neuhaus Juliane UNIZH E-Mail Studying the local state in Papua New Guinea. Prof.Dr. Shalini Randeria, Zürich
Prof.Dr. Bettina Beer, Luzern
Nizard Caroline UNIL E-Mail Du souffle au corps. Processus d'apprentissage du yoga entre France et Suisse Prof. Raphaël Rousseleau 2018
Orviska Lucia UNIFR E-Mail "Social trust and mistrust in the world of wealth." How do they circulate in Central-Eastern Europe and Private banking field. Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Ch. Giordano
Perrenoud Patricia UNIL E-Mail Helping behaviors around pregnancy and birth: the experience of independent midwifes as a confronting mirror to Evidence Based Practice Ilario Rossi
Rehsmann Julia UNIBE E-Mail A new liver, a new life? Intimate uncertainties and moral economies of transnational liver transplantation in Germany. Prof. Dr. Sabine Strasser
Repetti Marion UNIL E-Mail L’intégration sociale des retraités comme défi pour le 21ème siècle? René Knüsel
Rey Jeanne IHEID E-Mail Migration and Pentecostalism Yvan Droz
Rickli Francesca UNIZH E-Mail Successful ageing - for all? An Anthropological Study on the Understanding of Excluding Aged People with Disabilities from positive Ageing Paradigms Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch
Rougemont Héloïse UNIGE E-Mail Sociologie et anthropologie de la connaissance, sciences de l'éducation Le ciment de mes ancêtres. Construction sociale et transmission informelle des Événements et du Destin commun en Kanaky-Nouvelle-Calédonie Marie-Noëlle Schurmans
Bernard Rigo
Santschi Martina UNIBE E-Mail Negotationg authority and statehood in Southern Sudan Prof. Hans-Rudolf Wicker, University of Bern
Schick Marie-Laure UNIL E-Mail Le recours à la culture dans le champ de la santé. Ethnographie d’un programme de la Croix-Rouge Suisse en Amazonie équatorienne Ilario Rossi
Jean-Pierre Chaumeil
Schneider-Bean Sundae UNIBE E-Mail Exploring Identity Negotiation through Bi-national Married Couples in Switzerland H.R. Wicker (through 2009)
Schuler Marie-Theres UNIZH E-Mail Disability and Humanitarian Assistance - Negotiating Aid along Vulnerability Categories in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement Prof. Mareile Flitsch
Prof. Susan Reynolds Whyte
Siegl Veronika UNIBE E-Mail Making a living by making life? Transnational circuits of egg donation and surrogacy between Russia and the European Union Prof. Sabine Strasser
Sumardjono Ervita UNIBE E-Mail Indonesian Women in Switzerland Prof. Heinz Peter Znoj
Suter Reich Virginia UNIBE E-Mail Alevi Diaspora in Switzerland and beyond Martin Sökefeld
Julia Eckert
Svaton Carla Jana UNIBE E-Mail Social Anthropology Die Integrierten: Eine Ethnographie der Übersetzungs- und Inskriptionsprozesse einer "integrativen Volksschule" Prof. Dr. Heinzpeter Znoj
Prof. Dr. Ueli Hostettler
Todisco Claudio IHEID E-Mail The Banality of Aid: on Conflict, Humanitarianism and Migration among the Murle of South Sudan Alessandro Monsutti
Tubach Linda UNIZH E-Mail Dealing with Uncertainty: Changing strategies, institutions and perceptions among pastoralists in western Mongolia Prof. Dr. Peter Finke
Vionnet Claire UNIL E-Mail contemporary dance and anthropology Les ombres en danse contemporaine. Métaphores pour penser le(s) sens de l'expérience du sujet dansant Vincent Barras, Historien du corps, Lausanne
Christina Thurner, Tanzwissenschaftlerin, Bern
Voirol Jérémie UNIL E-Mail Les fêtes comme dispositif dynamique d’autodéfinition identitaire autochtone : le cas des Otavalos des Andes équatoriennes Irene Maffi
Wickli Urs Andreas UNIZH E-Mail Museology; the present and future of ethnographic museums Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch, director of the Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zurich and Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Zurich
not yet known
Wuthrich Clotilde UNIL E-Mail Anthropologie de l'art Artistas de Transito. Politiques et narrations de l'histoire dans les arts visuels contemporains de La Havane, Cuba Prof. Irene MAFFI 2016
Wyss Anna UNIBE E-Mail Lost in Transit? Fragmented Journeys of Young Migrants with no Chances of Admission in Europe Prof. Dr. Christian Joppke
Prof. Dr. Janine Dahinden