PhD students

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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
Abildenova Dinara UNIZH E-Mail „Celebrations in Kazakhstan: The Role of Social Norms in Economic Relations“ Prof. Dr. Finke Peter
Prof. Dr. Julia Pauli
Aeberli Annina UNIBE E-Mail Contesting the dominant understanding of forest in Sarawak, Malaysia Prof. Heinzpeter Znoj
Prof. Tobias Haller
Afsary Alexandra UNIL E-Mail De la gouvernementalité jusqu'à l'intérieur des corps: ce que les technologies contraceptives font aux sujets et aux sexualités Prof. Irene Maffi
Akcinar Mustafa UNIZH E-Mail Development and Trust in Upper Mesopotamia Prof. Peter Finke
Prof. Heinz Käufeler
Aleman Serjara UNIL E-Mail Prof. Monika Salzbrunn
Prof. Marco Martiniello
Alibayeva Indira UNIZH E-Mail Ethnic Differentiation, Interethnic Relations and Conflict: The Case of Uzbeks in Kazakhstan.
Alrozzi Mohammed UNIFR E-Mail Understanding Children work in Gaza Strip, Palestine: Anthropological study of working children lives and their conceptual construction of work. Prof. Véronique Pache
Prof. Karl Hanson
Anggawi Sophie Mahakam IHEID E-Mail Building Bali: Architecture and the Foreign in Making Indonesia’s Paradise Island Prof. Patricia Spyer
Aubert Baptiste UNINE E-Mail Après la ville-usine : recherches sur les différentes mises en récit du passé industriel textile dans la ville de Verviers (Wallonie). Mme Ellen HERTZ WERRO
Avis Maya IHEID E-Mail Bedouin-State Relations in Israel Grégoire Mallard
Ayaz Atak IHEID E-Mail Digging for Moral Economies in the Vineyards of Turkey
Baracchini Leïla UNINE E-Mail Au sens du désert: Nomadologie des images et mondes de l'art au regard d'un atelier d'art San contemporain Prof. Philippe Geslin Prof. Ellen Hertz
Prof. Nathalie Heinich
Bate Tara UNIZH E-Mail The gendered politics of environmental management within transhumant pastoral communities in the Nepalese Himalayas Prof. Peter Finke
Prof. Tobias Haller
Bauer Lara UNINE E-Mail Enjeux et réseaux translocaux des « chirurgies parallèles » (Brésil, Philippines, Angleterre, Suisse) Christian Ghasarian, Institut d'Ethnologie, Neuchâtel
Bayugo Yolanda UNILU E-Mail Undocumented Filipino migrant workers' access to health care in Geneva, Switzerland Dr. Prof. Bettina Beer
Beckmann Gitte UNIZH E-Mail Deaf in Acholi, Uganda An Anthropological Perspective on Becoming Knowledgeable and Skilful Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch
BENALI AMIRA UNIGE E-Mail socioeconomic Pr. Michel Oris
Bernasconi Attilio UNIL E-Mail ‘Claims for a Bottom-Up Peacebuilding in the Colombian Peace Process. Afro-descendant Communities, Territories, Autonomy…and the ELN' Mark Goodale
Besençon Sylvain UNIL E-Mail Anthropology of art and activism. Research on creativity and performance as subversive forms of political expression in super-diverse cities (California). Prof. Dr. Salzbrunn
Bibassis Evtichia UNIZH E-Mail the roles of art in public space from different actor perspectives prof. thomas hengartner
Borecký Pavel UNIBE E-Mail Negotiating Futures: Multimodal Sense of Place Creation as an Instrument of Social Cohesion in the Post-socialist Cities Prof. Dr. Michaela Schäuble
Bouchard Alice UNINE E-Mail Intentionality in great ape communication Klaus Zuberbühler
Bravo Barbara IHEID E-Mail “Imagi(nations) of Timor-Leste: ‘Onde o Sonho e a Saudade se Confundem’” Professor Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff
Bressan Laís IHEID E-Mail Anthropology of Mobilities Riccardo Bocco
Breubeck Anne UNIZH E-Mail The Tamil Diaspora in Switzerland
Brobbey Maame Kyerewaa IHEID E-Mail Politics and Practice of Small-scale mining industry in Africa
My thesis is still in the proposal development stage
Bugnon Pascale UNIGE E-Mail L'art d'accomoder les ancêtres de la nation. Analyse du processus patrimonial en Chine à travers la catégorie des "tombes antiques" [titre provisoire] Basile Zimmermann
Bytyqi Besse Tringa UNIFR E-Mail Démocratie et bonne gouvernance: le cas du Kosovo Prof. dr. Christian GIORDANO
Cabalzar Aloisio IHEID E-Mail Climate Change in Indigenous Amazonia: Life Cycles, Environmental Knowledge and Scales of Governance Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff
Catrina Sonia UNINE E-Mail “Heritage-Making” in the Romanian Institutional and Non-Institutional Spheres: Interferences, Tensions, and Conflicts of Representation Ellen HERTZ
Chamel Jean UNIL E-Mail (provisional title) “Everything is connected”. Ethnography of a Network of Intellectuals of Environmentalism (France-Switzerland): From Systemic Collapse to Holistic and Monistic Ecospirituality. Prof. Raphaël Rousseleau
Dr. Yvan Droz
Chattopadhyay Suchismita IHEID E-Mail Politics of Self-fashioning: The beauty industry and personality grooming of women in neoliberal India.
Chautems Caroline UNIL E-Mail Les temporalités de l'allaitement: des normes médico-sociales aux pratiques et à l'expérience des mères Irene Maffi
Church Willem UNILU E-Mail Patrons to Gold: The Resource Curse, Nacsent Clientism, and Emerging Inequality in the Context of Mining in Wampar, Papua New Guinea Prof. Dr. Bettina Beer
Cordey Michael UNIL E-Mail Connais-sens et technique. L'innovation technologique à la conquête de la réhabilitation des corps Ilario Rossi
Corradini Francesco IHEID E-Mail The construction of global political economy trough international law Nico Krisch
Cosby Renata UNIBE E-Mail The flash performance of Swissness Professor Dr. Heinz Peter Znoj
Cupelin Ekaterina IHEID E-Mail Narcissism of Minor Differences: Pollution in Constructions of Gypsyism. Research On and With the Kalaydji Roma in Bulgaria Prof. Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff
da Silva Araujo Larissa IHEID E-Mail Economic Pluralism in Ecuador and Bolivia under a descolonial perspective Dr. Isabelle Schulte-Tenckoff
Dale Cyprianus Jehan Paju UNIBE E-Mail Non State Actors in Sustainable Development in Indonesia
de Souza Soares Victor UNIBE E-Mail Dwellings of Sound: Auditory Knowledge and Sonic Symbolism amongst the Geraizeiros of Central Brazil Prof. Dr. Britta Sweers
Della Bianca Laetitia UNIL E-Mail Ethnography of self-tracking devices Dominique Vinck
Derungs Nicolas UNINE E-Mail The role of cross-compliance instruments in the prevention of soil erosion in Switzerland: interdisciplinary analysis of an on-going failure Prof. Ellen Hertz
Prof. Edward Mitchell
Dick Michèle UNIZH E-Mail Visual Anthropology Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch
Dietz Daniela UNIZH E-Mail On Bridges and Boundaries in Istanbul. An anthropological perspective on “agency” and “structure” in a contested urban space. Prof. Dr. Peter Finke
Dikovic Jovana UNIZH E-Mail STRATEGIES OF EVERYDAY POLITICS IN RURAL SERBIA – Anthropological Insight into Post-socialist Rural Development Discrepancies after 2000 – Prof. Dr. Peter Finke
Dr. Slobodan Naumovic
Dudrak Agnieszka UNINE E-Mail Travelling Empowerments: Ethnograpgy of NGOs Domestic Violence Projects in Georgia Prof. Marion Fresia Prof. Ellen Hertz
Eberle Martina UNIBE E-Mail Dispositives of Culture and Discourses of Emergency - Organizational Culture and Disciplinary Techniques Prof. Dr. Heinzpeter Znoj
Prof. Dr. Arne Scheuermann
Falcone Selina UNIL E-Mail Master in Political Science
Fioroni Claudie IHEID E-Mail "Politics of Work" and "Politics at Work" : The Case of the Jordan Phosphate Mine Company Professor Riccardo Bocco
Frieden Marie-Cécile UNINE E-Mail Logiques et itinéraires thérapeutiques de femmes atteintes du cancer du col utérin au Burkina Faso Christian Ghasarian
Früh Anja UNIFR E-Mail La politique du patrimoine culturel. Les musées nationaux ethnographiques en France et en Allemagne (1989- 2013)
George Rosemary IHEID E-Mail Transforming Returnees into Development Agents: Subjects, belonging and agencies involved in the creation of transnational development agents in an Indian context. Prof. Isabelle Milbert
Grolimund Andrea Patricia UNIL E-Mail Ageing, Agency and Health in Urbanizing Dar es Salaam Prof. Dr. Brigit Obrist
Prof. Dr. Till Förster
Gunes Ozge Burcu IHEID E-Mail Economic and financial strategies of Roma in Sakarya, Turkey Prof. Jean-Michel Servet
Haslwanter Katharina Wilhelmina UNIZH E-Mail Dutch New Guinea in flux: colonialism and cultural change, material culture and representation through the prism of Heinrich Harrer’s 1962 expedition (working title) Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch
Hertig Gabriela IHEID E-Mail Stem Cell Biotechnologies in India Prof. Aditya Bharadwaj
Hughes Maria UNIZH E-Mail Narratives and Ontologies of faith-based aid workers Prof. Dr. Johannes Quack (ISEK Universität Zürich)
Prof. Dr. Thomas G. Kirsch (Universität Konstanz)
Hürlemann Seraina UNIL E-Mail Rural Tourism and Local Perceptions of Change (In Yunnan, China) Christophe Clivaz
Ilbay Soylemez Hatice UNIZH E-Mail Cultural Heritage and Urbanization in Turkmenistan Prof. Peter Finke
Isabaeva Eliza UNIZH E-Mail Citizenship from Below and the Making of State in Kyrgyzstan: Migrants Making a Living in Squatter Settlements of Bishkek Prof. Dr. Peter Finke
Jacot Descombes Andrea UNINE E-Mail "La parola che fa vedere" - Le théâtre de narration en Italie Prof. Ph. Geslin, professeur associé à l'Université de Neuchâtel
Jaeger Ursina UNIZH E-Mail Being and Becoming... the same and different. Negotiating childhoods of kindergartners in Switzerland Prof. Dr. Annuska Derks
Prof. Dr. Laura Gilliam
Jallo zainabu UNIBE E-Mail From the Sacred to the Spectacular: Performance of Diasporic Consciousness through Visual Representations in Brazilian Candomblé Prof. Dr. Michaela Schäuble,
Prof. Dr. Gonçalves da Silva ( USP São Paulo) Prof. Dr. Nadia Radwan
Jashari Shpresa UNINE E-Mail GenderSpaceHierachizations: Discoursive space formations and narrative positionings of cross-border spouses in Switzerland Prof. Janine Dahinden
Kassem Susann IHEID E-Mail The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon: An Ethnographic Study of the Practices of Peacekeeping Riccardo Bocco
Kaufmann Lena UNIZH E-Mail Everyday strategies of Chinese rice farmers Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch
Khazaei Faten UNINE E-Mail Thèse en Études transnationales et en Études genre: La fabrique de la différence, La prise en charge des violences conjugales dans le contexte de la migration : le cas du canton de Vaud Prof. Janine Dahinden
Prof. Marylène Lieber
Koller Clara UNILU E-Mail The Variety of Remitting Practices in Social Relations: Philippine Migrants in Switzerland Prof. Dr. Bettina Beer, Professor of Ethnology, University of Lucerne
Dr. Rahel Kunz, Senior Lecturer Institute of Political, Historical and International Studies and Centre of International History and Political Studies of Globalization, University of Lausanne
Korner Géraldine UNIZH E-Mail Die Darstellung des Älterwerdens in Romanen
Kozaczuk Dorota IHEID E-Mail Who Is Imagining Palestine? A Study of Mediation Processes of Experts’ Knowledge (Foreign Architects and Planners) and its Effects on the Creative Sovereignty of Palestinian Spatial Expertise Professor Riccardo Bocco
Krahn Yonca UNIZH E-Mail Triathlon as experience of space: constitution temporary space through physical practice 1. Prof Bernard Tschofen 2. tba
Kristol Anne UNINE E-Mail The naturalization procedure in Switzerland: A gender perspective on the practices and representations of state actors Janine Dahinden
Kuijpers Anna Elisabeth UNIZH E-Mail Development and Trust in Upper Mesopotamia' GAP Project Peter Finke
Heinz Kaufeler
Lam Katy Nganting UNIL - Chinese in Ghana: construction of transverse networks and social organizations in the migration process Antoine Kernen
Landgren Hugentobler Karine UNIZH E-Mail Evidence based medicine in Swiss family practice Prof. Shalini Randeria
Leitenberg Danaé UNIBE E-Mail Trapped in Paradise: Im/mobilities in touristic places
Lems Annika UNIBE E-Mail Postdoctoral researcher in the SNF project "Transnational Biographies of Education. Young Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers and their Navigation through Shifting Social Realities in Switzerland and Turkey".
Leresche Frédérique UNIGE E-Mail Le non-recours raisonné aux prestations sociales Jean-Pierre Tabin et Jean-Michel Bonvin
Lindt Angela UNIBE E-Mail The Strategic Use of the National Law Against Transnational Mining Projects in Peru (provisional title) Prof. Dr. Julia Eckert
Ly Shia Manh UNINE E-Mail Populaire, vie associative et politique. Christophe Jaccoud
Dominique Malatesta
Maringoni Marco IHEID E-Mail Je suis encore dans la phase de conception de mon projet. Le sujet est l'industrie d'auditing. La thèse sera écris en anglais. Prof. Marc Flandreau
Marion Richard UNIL E-Mail La fabrique de l'ingénieur aujourd'hui - Cas de l'École Centrale De Pékin et de l'Institut sino-européen d'aéronautique. Dominique Vinck
Marschall Tobias IHEID E-Mail The Little Pamir at Large: Mobility and Circulation from the Tip of Afghanistan to a More Interconnected World Professeur Alessandro Monsutti
Marti Irene UNINE E-Mail Living the Prison: An Ethnographic Study of Indefinite Incarceration in Switzerland (working title) Prof. Ellen Hertz
Mastrangelo Simon UNIL E-Mail « Giving meaning to a life course. Representations and beliefs of Tunisian undocumented migrants (harraga) » Prof. Monika Salzbrunn
Mathew Maria Ann IHEID E-Mail Perception of Education among Muslims of Kerala Prof. Isabelle Milbert
McKenzie Tsering UNIL E-Mail Prof. Irene Maffi
Meier Michael UNIZH E-Mail "Looking for digital smoke signals" - digital humanitarianism in Indonesia Prof. Dr. Annuska Derks
Menet Joanna UNINE E-Mail Mobilität und transnationale soziale Praktiken am Beispiel des Salsatanzes (titre provisoire) Prof. Dr. Janine Dahinden
Miszak Nick IHEID E-Mail Development, land conflicts and the construction of political order in post-2001 Afghanistan Alessandro Monsutti
Moesinger Anke UNILU E-Mail Local Discourses and Understandings of Rapid Environmental Change on Takuu Atoll, PNG: Perceptions from a Polynesian Outlier Prof. Dr. Bettina Beer
Mohamed Akram IHEID E-Mail Migration Intermediaries: Implications and Mechanisms on Migrant’s Networks among Pakistani in China (Hong Kong) Alessandro Monsutti
Mooser Sandra UNIBE E-Mail Nollywood inspires Switzerland - Audio-visual forms of self-representation by African migrants in a transnational context Prof. Dr. Heinzpeter Znoj
Prof. Dr. Kathrin Oester
Moretti Federica UNIL E-Mail Anthropology. Research on subversive forms of political expression in super-diverse cities. Prof. Dr. Salzbrunn
Mourtazina Ellina UNIL E-Mail Personal transformations and modern tourism rituals David Picard
MUGUET Flore UNIFR E-Mail La construction collective de l'expérience de soi au festival Burning Man et dans les festivals dits transformationnels François Gauthier (Univ. Fribourg)
Michael Houseman (EPHE-Paris)
Müller Dominik UNIZH E-Mail Negotiating Islam in the Turkish Diaspora - An Anthropological Perspective on Turkish Muslim Organizations in Switzerland Prof. Peter Finke
Prof. Johannes Quack
Nair Ambujam Meenakshi IHEID E-Mail "The Will to Improve" vs Struggle for Survival: An Analysis of the contestations of Adivasi Land Rights in Adilabad and Khammam districts of Telangana, India Shaila Seshia Galvin
Navarro Cécile UNIL E-Mail Une approche transnationale des pratiques culturelles: L'exemple du rap sénégalais (Dakar, Paris, New York) Monika Salzbrunn
Heidrun Friese
Nitu Teodor --- E-Mail
Nizard Caroline UNIL E-Mail Du souffle au corps. Processus d'apprentissage du yoga, une corporéité en acte Prof. Raphaël Rousseleau
Nkomo Melusi IHEID E-Mail Beliefs, rituals and contemporary capitalism on South Africa’s platinum mines Professor Filipe Calvao
Professor Dunbar T. Moodie
NOUR Akbar UNIBE E-Mail Religiosity and Citizenship Amongst Young Swiss Muslim Adults in Western and Eastern Switzerland: An Ethnograpic Account Prof. Dr. Sabine Strasser
Panenka Petra UNILU E-Mail Food Preferences and Food Choices among the Northern Lacandon Maya, Mexico (working title) Prof. Dr. Bettina Beer
Panwar Amishi IHEID E-Mail Private and public cord blood banking and stem cell research/therapy in India Prof. Aditya Bharadwaj
Payot Adeline UNINE E-Mail Education in spaces of exception : The social uses of school in the refugee camp of Gihembe (Rwanda) Prof. Dr. Marion Fresia
Prof. Dr. Anne-Nelly Perret-Clermont
Perl Gerhild UNIBE E-Mail Lethal Borders Moralities of violent death in the context of European Union border crossings in Spain. Prof. Dr. Sabine Strasser
Perrin Julie UNINE E-Mail Les frontières des pratiques « traditionnelles » de guérison en Suisse romande : stigmatisation, professionnalisation et patrimonialisation Prof. Ellen Hertz
Daniel Fabre, LAHIC, Paris
Petzold Aurélien UNINE E-Mail La fabrique du genre dans les jeux vidéo en ligne (titre de travail) Prof. Janine Dahinden
Philippe Dallais UNIZH E-Mail Unpacking Ainu Heritage in Switzerland: Catalogue Raisonné of the Swiss Collections and Ethnomuseography of Ainu Tangible and Visual Culture Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch
Prof. Dr. Hans Thomsen
Piecek Monika UNIGE E-Mail Politics of boundary work and Swiss disability insurance Marylène Lieber
Jean-Pierre Tabin
Pluies Julie UNIL E-Mail Medical anthropology - HIV and mental health Prof. Ilario Rossi
Porchet Pierrick UNIGE E-Mail Circulation des pratiques et des représentations kinésiques des arts martiaux chinois Bruno Strasser
Basile Zimmermann
Poyyayil-Roschi Nicole UNIBE E-Mail preliminary working title: Rights claims through Public Interest Litigation in India: Special Economic Zones, Land acquisition and the making and un-making of “public interest” Prof.Dr. Julia Eckert
Pralong Mélody UNIL E-Mail La prise en charge du diabète en milieu scolaire Prof. Francesco Panese
Preissler Laura Katharina UNILU E-Mail The use of low-cost IVF in Cape Town, South Africa Prof. Dr. Bettina Beer
RAM LIPIN IHEID E-Mail Kerala and its Communists: Rethinking Democracy, Violence, and the Political Prof. Shalini Randeria
Rams (Drzazdzewska) Dagna UNIL E-Mail Between expulsions and environmental degradation: landscapes of the urban poor in Accra, Ghana Prof. Mark Goodale
Rauber Gabriela UNIBE E-Mail Die Entwicklung der bäuerlichen Familienwirtschaft im Kontext des Strukturwandels in der Schweizer Landwirtschaft Prof. Dr. Heinzpeter Znoj
Rehsmann Julia UNIBE E-Mail A new liver, a new life? Intimate uncertainties and moral economies of transnational liver transplantation in Germany. Prof. Dr. Sabine Strasser
Rey Raphaël UNINE E-Mail Constructing asylum narratives in the Swiss procedure: practices and perspectives of asylum seekers Christin Achermann
Rickenbach Mathias UNIZH E-Mail Migration Infrastructure in the Euro-African Border Space Prof. Dr. Heinz Käufeler
Prof. Dr. Annuska Derks
Rickli Francesca UNIZH E-Mail Successful ageing - for all? An Anthropological Study on the Understanding of Excluding Aged People with Disabilities from positive Ageing Paradigms Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch
Rochat Line UNIL E-Mail Pratiques de soins, pratiques d accueil. Accueillir les nouveau-nés à risque dans le Service de néonatologie du CHUV (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois) à Lausanne Prof. Irene Maffi
Saco Chung Urpi IHEID E-Mail Rencontres avec la justice: droit et reconnaissance autochtones au Pérou. Prof. Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff
Saïd Ibrahim IHEID E-Mail Normalization and the production of disciplined Subjects in Israel/Palestine
Sala Alice UNINE E-Mail Computer Village : Ethnography of an ICT market in Lagos, Nigeria. (working title) Prof. Ellen Hertz
Sanders Angela UNINE E-Mail «Roots becoming Routes»: Migration and Entangled Histories between Peru and Switzerland Prof. Gianni D'Amato, SFM, University of Neuchâtel
Prof. Walter Leimgruber, Universität Basel
Santer Kiri Olivia UNIBE E-Mail Law in Protest Prof. Julia Eckert
Sarıaslan K. Zeynep UNIZH E-Mail “Development and Trust in Upper Mesopotamia: Social Impacts of GAP (Güneydoğu Anadolu Projesi)” Prof. Dr. Peter Finke
Prof. Dr. Heinz Käufeler
Sautier Marie UNIL E-Mail Sociologie du travail. Ethnographie des sciences. Genre et travail. Professeure Nicky Le Feuvre
Savioz Alexandre UNIL E-Mail Climate Change, Tourism, Swiss Alps, Kyrgyz Tien Shan Prof. Christophe Clivaz
Schapira Raphael IHEID E-Mail Preliminary title: "Learning through the Body: Habitus, Community and Globalisation in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu" Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff
Schuler Marie-Theres UNIZH E-Mail Disability and Humanitarian Assistance - Negotiating Aid along Vulnerability Categories in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement Prof. Mareile Flitsch
Prof. Susan Reynolds Whyte
Schulz Mascha UNIZH E-Mail Informal Politics, Cultural Activism and the State in Urban Bangladesh Johannes Quack
Schulz Yvan UNINE E-Mail Trading on Trash: Clashing Regimes of Value and Electronics' Many Lives in a Changing China Prof. Ellen Hertz
to be determined
Schwaller Corinne UNIBE E-Mail Generación (pre-)parada – Unemployment, Employment Precarity and Uncertain Futures of Highly Educated Young Adults in Spain (working title) Prof. Heinzpeter Znoj
Prof. Susana Narotzky
Sen Mookerjee Anuradha IHEID E-Mail Choosing Citizenship: Investigating the Binary of Inclusion and Exclusion in the Former Border Enclaves in India and Bangladesh Professor Alessandro Monsutti
Sengupta Sucharita IHEID E-Mail Enclave Citizens, Border Economy nd Traversing Lives : A study of two districts on the India-Bangladesh Borderlands. Professors Shalini Randeria and Alessando Monsutti.
SESTITO ROSANNA UNIL E-Mail L’augmentation de l’accouchement par césarienne en Suisse romande  Irene Maffi
Shahnazaryan Nona UNIFR E-Mail Forced migration and intraethnic tensions
Siegl Veronika UNIBE E-Mail Making a living by making life? Transnational circuits of egg donation and surrogacy between Russia and the European Union Prof. Sabine Strasser
Siemann Yvonne UNILU E-Mail Ethnic identity of Japanese descendants in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Sigrist Aline UNINE E-Mail Diffusion de la médecine ayurvédique en Suisse: patients et mobilité thérapeutique Christian Ghasarian
Sims Rosie IHEID E-Mail Towards a Brave New World: Understanding New Configurations of Virus, Vector, and Human Relations in Colombia Prof. Vinh-Kim Nguyen
Prof. Alex Nading
Snikersproge Ieva IHEID E-Mail Working Alternatives to capitalism: Factory Take-Overs by Workers and Return to Land in 21st century France Filipe Calvao
Shalini Randeria
Stanic Nikolina IHEID E-Mail Youth Participation in the Area of Conflict of Protagonism and Precarity: An Anthropological Perspective on the Subjectification of Young People in Argentina Dr. Prof. Shalini Randeria
Stebler Joséphine UNIL E-Mail Quand "apprendre à lire" c'est "perdre l'usage des mots": une anthropologie de la lecture Pr. Thérèse Jeanneret (EFLE)
Dr. Yves Erard
Steiner Katharina UNILU E-Mail The commemorative culture of the USA and Canada regarding American Indian Boarding Schools and Residential Schools – State-based and civil dealings with the unjust events of the near past in the contemporary era
Stiefel Léa UNIL E-Mail Dominique Vinck
Stocker Ladina UNIFR E-Mail Motion at the linguistic border: On the influence of language dominance and language mode on the expression of motion in bilinguals (French-German)
Stucki Virginie UNIL E-Mail Engagement en santé mentale: savoirs, pratiques et critiques durant la seconde moitié du vingtième siècle. Prof. Francesco Panese
Sutter Rebekka UNIZH E-Mail Southeast Asia Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch
Svaton Carla Jana UNIBE E-Mail Die „Integrierten“: Eine Ethnographie über den Umgang mit Differenz in der Schule Prof. Heinzpeter Znoj
Tadorian Marc UNINE E-Mail Co-habiter des espaces sociaux transnationaux. Ethno-géo-graphie des mondes du graffiti-writing: suivre les performances de mobilité des adeptes à travers les espaces et le temps Janine Dahinden
Tall Ismaël UNINE E-Mail Agri-envionmental governance Prof. Jérémie Forney
Tchermalykh Nataliya IHEID E-Mail Art of dissent : performative disobedience, controversial aesthetics and narratives of show-trials on artists within the post-Soviet public sphere Gregoire Mallard
Terry Cristian UNIL E-Mail Weaving in Peruvian Highlands within Tourism Market Irene Maffi
Thurnherr Christof UNIZH E-Mail Visual Anthropology Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch
Tibet Eda Elif UNIBE E-Mail Learning, Agency and Freedom; in the lives of the Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Youth in Turkey Prof.Dr Kathrin Oester and Prof. Dr. Sabine Strasser
Todisco Claudio IHEID E-Mail The Banality of Aid: on Conflict, Humanitarianism and Migration among the Murle of South Sudan Alessandro Monsutti
Tonne Christin IHEID E-Mail The European Union and the Rise of Populist Political Parties Grégoire Mallard
Torosyan Mariam UNIFR E-Mail The Development milestones of Legal Anthropology in modern era.
Tschudi Andri IHEID E-Mail Medical Anthropology
Tubach Linda UNIZH E-Mail Dealing with Uncertainty: Changing strategies, institutions and perceptions among pastoralists in western Mongolia Prof. Dr. Peter Finke
Türkmen Saadet UNIBE - Experiencing health and illness among migrants from Turkey in Switzerland Prof. Dr. H.Znoj
Uetz Andrin UNIBE E-Mail Soundscape of Density. Architecture, Space and Sound in Sai Ying Pun. Prof. Dr. Britta Sweers
Vásquez Paulina --- E-Mail Cultural heritage
Vaucher Carla UNIL E-Mail Medical anthropology of childhood Ilario Rossi
Velasquez Saskia UNINE E-Mail Pratiques liées aux processus de re-production des semences au sein du Réseau Semences Paysannes (France) Jérémie Forney
Vetter Thomas UNINE E-Mail Re-Assembling Food, Knowledge and Autonomy through Market-Based Agri-Environmental Governance in the UK - A Comparative Ethnography of Social-Ecological Transitions at Small Scales Professeur assistant Jérémie Forney
Vionnet Claire UNIL E-Mail Les ombres en danse contemporaine. Métaphores pour penser le(s) sens de l'expérience du sujet dansant Vincent Barras, Historien du corps, Lausanne
Christina Thurner, Tanzwissenschaftlerin, Bern
von Känel Andreas UNINE E-Mail Education in spaces of exception: the social uses of school in the refugee camp of Nyarugusu (Tanzania) Marion Fresia (Assistant Professor at the Institute of Anthropology, University of Neuchatel)
Anne-Nelly Perret-Clermont (Professor of Educational Sciences and Psychology, University of Neuchatel)
Voyloshnikova Daria UNIFR E-Mail Ecoregional Governance: Transboundary Environmental Cooperation in the Carpatho-Danubian Basin (working title) Prof. Christian Giordano
Vuilleumier Julien UNINE E-Mail Alternative agro - food networks: innovative integration of sustainable eating habits and food production? Marion Fresia, extraodinary professor, anthropology institute, University of Neuchâtel
Wassan Rafique UNIBE E-Mail Sufi heritage in Sindh: Discourse, Representation and Performance Prof Dr Britta Sweers, Professor of Cultural Anthropology of Music, at the Institute of Musicology, University of Bern
Wickli Urs Andreas UNIZH E-Mail Museology; the present and future of ethnographic museums Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch, director of the Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zurich and Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Zurich
not yet known
Widmer Manon UNIGE - Les images du mouvement: des usages du langage dans la transmission des gestes martiaux Nicolas Zufferey
Guillemette Bolens
Winterberger Georg UNIZH E-Mail Strategien zur Existenzsicherung in Burma/Myanmar. Wie geht die kleinstädtische Bevölkerung in Burma/Myanmar mit der schnellen Öffnung des Landes und dem dadurch entstandenen rasanten Wandel um? Prof. Dr. Peter Finke
Witzeling Thomas UNIL E-Mail Les "spiritualités alternatives" en Suisse romande (anthropologie religieuse) Prof. Silvia Mancini
Wojczewski Silvia UNIL E-Mail Imagining new ways of being through travel and tourism : Black Germans on tour Anne-Christine Trémon
David Picard
Wolf Anna-Lena UNIBE E-Mail Tea Plantation Labourers in Assam Prof. Dr. Julia Eckert
Wyss Anna UNIBE E-Mail Lost in Transit? Fragmented Journeys of Young Migrants with no Chances of Admission in Europe Prof. Dr. Christian Joppke
Prof. Dr. Janine Dahinden
ZHANG LINGYU UNIL E-Mail child psychological abuse in China Antoine Kernen
Zingg Irène UNIBE E-Mail Mehr Sprache(n) für alle? Eine explorative Studie zu Deutsch als Zweitsprache im Kanton Bern im Kontext von Diversität und Inklusion (DaZiKaBe) Prof. Dr. Heinzpeter Znoj, Universität Bern, Institut für Sozialanthropologie