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[ANNULÉ 17790003] Module ’Génération, ordre générationnel, perspective générationnelle’ Fribourg

Dr. Jason Hart, University of Bath Prof. Sarah Lamb, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, USA

1506808800 (Octobre-novembre 2017) Postponed to 2018 0 / 16
scientifique Ethnographies in motion Crêt-Bérard map

Simone Abram, Durham Stéphane Tonnelat, CNRS Jessica Wilczac, UniL Bo Wang, UniL

1515538800 10-12 janvier 2018 9 / 18 registration
transversal What a difference a blog makes: tackling a specific form of knowledge creation/production & diffusion Neuchâtel

Dr. Marion Schulze

1521068400 15-03-2018 2 / 20 registration
transversal Let’s Blog Neuchâtel

Dr. Marion Schulze, UniNE

1525298400 03 + 04-05-2018 4 / 18 registration
transversal Getting ahead with writing your Thesis: Procrastinastion Management Zürich

Dr. Esther Leemann UZH

1527199200 25.05. 2018 7 / 18 registration
scientifique Ethnography as exchange: Power, money, debt. Schloss Ueberstorf FR map

D. Soyini Madison, Northwestern University Kathrin Oester, PH Bern

1528322400 07-09.06. 2018 4 / 18 registration
transversal Workshop 'Publish or Perish' Zürich

Prof. Christina Ljungberg, UZH

1489100400 10 & 17 mars 2017 15 / 15
Module 'In the Thick of Images or Doing Visual Anthropology Today' Villa Garbald, Castasegna GR map

Prof. Christopher Pinney, University College London

Prof. Karen Strassler, City University of New York

1493244000 27-29 avril 2017 14 / 16
Module '?-graphy' Schloss Ueberstorf map


Gregor Dobler (Universität Freiburg), Don Gardner (Universität Luzern)


Ellen Hertz (Université de Neuchâtel), Janina Kehr (Universität Zürich)


Townsend Middleton (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)


Tobias Rees (McGill University)


1496700000 6-8 Juin 2017 13 / 16
Module 'Ethics and anthropological research' La Rouvraie, Bevaix NE

Anthony Stavrianakis, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris Dre Nolwenn Bühler, Zürich

1507154400 5-6 octobre 2017 11 / 16
“An anthropological perspective on the interplay between welfare institutions and (birth, foster or substitute) families in the light of the transition to adulthood: In and out of foster care” "Perspective anthropologique sur les liens entre institutions sociales et familles (d'origine, d'accueil ou de substitution) en lien avec la transition à la vie adulte: entrées et sorties de placement" La Rouvraie, 2022 Bellevue-sur-Bevaix,

Gaëlle Aeby, University of Lausanne and HES·SO – HETS; Catrien Notermans, Department of Anthropology and Development Studies, Radboud University Nijmegen, Pays-Bas. ; Arnaud Frauenfelder, HES·SO – HETS; Martin Goyette, ENAP, Québec, Canada ; Sabina Lorega, EHESS, SUPSI; Marianne Modak, HES·SO, EESP; Laurence Ossipow, HES·SO – HETS

1509663600 Nov. 3-4, 2017 8 / 16