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Migration, Representation and Reflexivity


November 25-26


Mme Sara Wiederkehr, UNIL

Mme Federica Moretti, UNIL

Mme Serjara Aleman Villalba, UNIL


Prof. Susan Ossman, University of California Riverside, USA

Prof. Monika Salzbrunn, UNIL

Dr. Eda Elif Tibet, UNIBE


This module has been proposed and is organised by students.


Partially responding to Arnd Schneider's call for "a new engagement with visual forms of research and representation beyond the sub-disciplinary confines of visual anthropology", this workshop addresses questions about representation and reflexivity in current anthropological –and art based research, and aims at discussing the possibility and the necessity of questioning categories and concepts in current anthropological studies.


By relying on research experiences, we will reflect upon a methodological framework, which promotes the use of visual elements as key methods in the context of a critically reflexive research practice. 


The students will have the opportunity to present their ongoing research projects, discuss it with the invited experts, and conduct practical exercises that will result in artistic outcomes. Students will discuss the boundaries and points of encounter between anthropological research and artistic practice, as well as reflect upon the ways anthropologists have been representing both their fields of research, and research participants.


This workshops follows the online workshop held in December 2020 with Nadine Wanono under the same title. Having attended the online workshop is NOT a requirement to enrol to this one.


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Deadline for registration 05.11.2021
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