IMPORTANT: CoVID-19 pandemic

Depending on the evolution of the CoVID-19 pandemic some activities may be canceled or postponed with short notice. Some activities may be offered online. Please check regularly the websites of the various programs to have updated information on the activities.

In any case, we will ensure that the health requirements are respected, for the safety of all. Thank you for your collaboration and understanding.

Swiss Graduate Program in Anthropology

The Swiss Graduate Program Anthropology is organised as a cooperative project by the Universities in Switzerland with programs in Social/Cultural Anthropology, éthnologie, Ethnologie). The partner universities independently organise topical modules to which specialized scholars from abroad are invited to inspire and comment on the work and contributions of Swiss doctoral students.

Participation in the program’s activities is open to doctoral students in social/cultural anthropology (éthnologie/Ethnologie) from all universities in Switzerland.

Interested persons may register at: