Cat. Title Location Map [d] Speakers Dates Places
PhD meet up most probably online

Two Alumni 

1599775200 September 11 or 12 3 / 25 registration
[REPORT DEMANDÉ] Sex, Love and Marriage in the 21st Century La Rouvraie, Bellevue-sur-Bevaix

Prof. Jennifer Cole, University of Chicago

Prof. Marcia Inhorn, Yale University

1600380000 postponed to 2021 7 / 18 registration
Dealing with an Awful Mess: Data Labor, Collaborations and Carving Out Research Pathways to be announced

Prof. Jérôme Denis (CSI Paris)

Prof. Luke Lassiter (Marshall University, West Virginia).

1602712800 October 15-16 18 / 18 registration
[REPORT DEMANDÉ] Dialogic Resiliences and Resonances (co-organized with the sociology program) Les Diablerets

Prof. Hartmut Rosa, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, DE

Prof. Andrew Wilford, Cornell University, Ithaca, US

1606777200 Postponed to 2021, most probably end of May 10 / 18 registration
Migration, Representation and Reflexivity La Rouvraie

Prof. Susan Ossman, University of California Riverside, USA

Prof. Monika Salzbrunn, UNIL

1607641200 December 11-12 8 / 18 registration
Producing Knowledge through Images Mürren

Prof. Andrew Irving (Manchester University) 

1608246000 December 18-20 16 / 18 registration