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Producing Knowledge through Images


December 17-19


Prof. Andrew Irving, Manchester University


The module starts from acknowledging that ethnographic observation, documentation, writing and image-making practices – and thus eventually all modes of knowledge production in social anthropology – are shaped by the affective and the sensorial. The connection between experiencing the world and creating images usually involves all senses and necessitates a certain set of analytical skills and creative techniques. The workshop is intended to provide support to participants in experimenting with imaginative practices and innovative ethnographic methodologies to explore embodied forms of knowledge and to critically engage with images, technologies and everyday social interactions. Research topics may range from digital technologies, AI, ecologies/human-non-human relations to new materialities and methodologies may involve sensory ethnography, image-making, as well as co-creative storytelling and performance. The fields encompass academic scholarship, applied practice and intervention. Participants in the workshop are invited to present and discuss their own audio-visual works in addition to exploring visuality with more curiosity. However, the workshop is also open to students who are not necessarily visual anthropologists, but who are interested in the visual and in how knowledge is produced more generally.





Deadline for registration 01.10.2021
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