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Write and Flow: Thesis writing workshop for anthropologists


October 28, with follow up sessions


Dr. Joanna Menet, UNINE


Dr. Joanna Menet, UNINE


Engaging in a doctoral project aimed at achieving a PhD in Anthropology involves not only the often messy and embodied experience of fieldwork, but also the long-term process of ‘writing it up’. Thesis writing can be highly pleasurable at times; at others it can cause feelings of loneliness or frustration. This workshop is designed to support PhD candidates in finding the best tools and strategies for themselves, to make the ‘writing it up’ part a smoother process. The workshop addresses issues specific to thesis writing in Anthropology and provides a selection of practical exercises inspired by ‘creative writing’.


How will it work?

The workshop offers a space for discussion and reflection about individual writing strategies, aspects of the organisation of such a huge writing project and emotional issues. It includes inputs, individual and group exercises and discussions in small groups. Participants will experiment with various tools and be given the time and space to advance with their own projects. For those who are interested in creating a regular writing group, the workshop provides guidance on how to organise such a group.


Is this offer for me?

This workshop is intended for doctoral candidates who have already collected some data and are just about to start writing, as well as for those already advanced in their thesis writing. The workshop will be held in English and addresses participants who write their thesis in English, German or French. 


What do I need to do beforehand?

Participants will be asked to respond to some preparatory questions three weeks ahead of the workshop. They are invited to bring a chapter or an article they are currently working on (this can be a very early draft or an almost finalised text). Between the workshop day and the follow-up sessions, participants will have the opportunity to implement a writing routine and try out exercises intended to facilitate the task of writing. 


Yes, I’m in! When does it take place?

Session 1: University of Neuchâtel, 28.10.2022, 9.30-17.30

Session 2: online, 3.11.2022, 9-12

Session 3: online, 17.11.2022, 9-12

Session 4: online, 1.12.2022, 9-12


The workshop takes place at the University of Neuchâtel (session 1) and online on Zoom (sessions 2, 3 and 4). Participation in all four sessions is recommended. Participants should be present on day 1 and at least two out of the three online sessions.


The trainer:

Joanna Menet knows the joys and hardships represented by thesis writing first-hand. She holds an MA in Social Anthropology from the University of Zurich and a PhD from the University of Neuchâtel. Joanna discovered the powerful tools of creative writing while finalising her thesis. Since then, she has published a monograph, received inspiration and a certificate as academic writing coach from the writers’ studio Vienna and supported MA students and PhD candidates during their writing processes. She believes in the power of a community of writers and invites participants of her workshops to experiment with playful approaches to thesis writing.


Programme* Day 1, Friday 28 October 2022, 9.30-17.30, University of Neuchâtel


9:30 – 12:30 The writing process 

Creative writing tools: getting started, maintaining a flow, revising


Workshop: choose one of the discussed strategies and work on your draft


Lunchbreak at the Crêperie


13:30 – 17:30 Me and my writing

Writing strategies and individual habits 


Time management and writing routine

Planning, organising and MAKING time


Me and my thesis

What is your current relationship status?

Self-motivation and writing exercises



Programme* Day 2: Thursday 3 November 2022, 9-12, online


Me and my audience

A portrait of your typical audience


Writing a monograph

What are my stumbling blocks?



Programme* Day 3: Thursday 17 November 2022, 9-12, online


Workshop Field notes/observational notes

Friendly feedback 



Programme* Day 4: Thursday 1 December 2022, 9-12, online


Workshop writing strategies

Collective writing exercise


Kick-off writing group



This programme is indicative and will be adapted according to the needs of the participants.


Neuchâtel, with online follow up sessions



Deadline for registration 21.10.2022
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