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Climate Change in Indigenous Amazonia: Life Cycles, Environmental Knowledge and Scales of Governance

Author Aloisio CABALZAR
Director of thesis Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff
Co-director of thesis
Summary of thesis

This research intends to focus on politico-institutional and anthropological aspects of environmental and climate governance at global (treaties, conventions, international forums) and regional (Amazon) scales, as well as on characterization of indigenous knowledges, and its relations to scientific knowledges. It will discuss the governance practices of indigenous territories in the Amazon, in the current context of increasing conflicts and pressures from various segments of the national societies. By addressing both scales, regional and global, it aims to explore the contradictions and complementations between them. This interface will be explored more densely through the case of an intercultural research (involving indigenous and non-indigenous researchers) on the annual cycles, that has been developed since 2005

in the Upper Rio Negro (northwestern Amazon): the modes of production of indigenous knowledge, the potentials and problems of the collaboration between traditional and scientific knowledges, and its extension in practices of environmental management and territorial governance.

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