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Speak with us, not about us! Afghans struggle to be seen and heard.

Author Sarah BITTEL
Director of thesis Alessandro Monsutti
Co-director of thesis Ruth Mandel
Summary of thesis

Studies of migration have paid frequent attention to migrants’ representation in media and political

discourses. However, there is little focus on migrants’ own visual production and the relevance of

such self-representation. Therefore, my study explores narratives and representations created by Afghan refugees

and members of the Afghan diaspora, focusing on their efforts to be seen and heard. By prioritizing

Afghan perspectives, I challenge prevailing media narratives (and the lack thereof) and investigate

how Afghans in Germany and Greece utilize social media and street protests to create visibility.

Rather than giving a voice, my research seeks to listen and understand existing practices of

(self-)representation among migrants and their political mobilization. The main research questions

address the channels utilized for dissemination, the engagement of migrants in public protests, and the

resulting narratives and visuals created by migrants themselves.

Status finishing
Administrative delay for the defence 2024