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Mtwara's Youth Subjectivities and Perceptions towards the Gas Industry in Tanzania

Author Genevieve SEKUMBO
Director of thesis Prof. Filipe Calvao
Co-director of thesis N/A
Summary of thesis

This proposal aims to explore the impact of gas exploration and extraction activities and the subsequent large-scale infrastructure developments have on the local communities in Tanzania's region of Mtwara. Against the background of Mtwara's historic experience of the repeated failure of government plans that have arguably contributed significantly to the economic stagnation of the region, the proposed research aims to explore whether this historic experience with development has an impact on the communities future socio-economic aspirations. More specifically, the research aims to explore the youth’s perceptions and subjectivities of such developments and their perceived role in the sector. In this regard, the proposal aims to a) explore how Tanzanian youth are responding to the major planned development projects in the region, b) whether their historical experiences of the older generation shape their attitudes and perceived role in the gas sector and c) their perceived role in the extractive sector. Moreover, the overarching aim of the project is to investigate the way in which large-scale infrastructural development creates expectations and tensions, and whether the repeated failure of large-scale schemes generates discourses about development and particular attitudes and views towards governments. As such, the project aims to provide critical insight on how Tanzanian youth understand development and their perceived role in it. it and also aims to provide contribute to the discussion on how development actors engage with youth in major development processes in Tanzania.

Status finishing
Administrative delay for the defence 2022