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Recherche moderne sur l'Ayurveda Modern research on Ayurveda

Author Olivier TALPAIN
Director of thesis Prof. Francesco Panese, sociologue (FMB, SSP, Unil)
Co-director of thesis Prof. Eric Bonvin, médecin (FBM, Unil)
Summary of thesis

Par une approche interdisciplinaire (ethnographie, sociologie, histoire contemporaine), exploration de la recherche moderne sur l'Ayurveda, le principal système médical traditionnel de l'Inde.




With an interdisciplinary approach (ethnography, sociology, contemporary history), my work will explore issues and stakes related to modern research on Ayurveda, the main traditional medical system of India. It starts with explorative fieldwork pertaining to the Ayurvedic community’s various and controversial viewpoints on modern research on Ayurveda.

Through the description and analysis of a case studies, which are comparative clinical trials that assess complex and personalized Ayurvedic treatments through gold standard modern medical methods, it will exemplify the state of the art in the matter. Three trials took place from 1980’s until recent times in India and Germany. One is about to start. Sources will consist of various types of documents and interviews. The last one shall provide the opportunity of participant observation.

Further, through a literary review and a survey, it will more broadly explore and analyze the situation of modern research on Ayurveda.

Status beginning
Administrative delay for the defence 2023