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Finding transformational pathways for a Sustainable Swiss Food System (still in discussion)

Author Léa LAMOTTE
Director of thesis Sabin Bieri
Co-director of thesis Thomas Breu
Summary of thesis

I will conduct a system analysis of two case study supply chains (cocoa from Ecuador and almonds from Spain) with a participatory approach. The goal is first to understand the status quo of these 2 supply chains, mainly from the farmers's and supply chain stakeholders' points of view. I'm planning to use political economy approach and to focus on the power relations between the supply chain stakeholders. Besides, I will connect the value chains studies with the study of Swiss consumers behaviours while buying food products. The overall objective is to co-construct desirable and sustainable food systems scenarios for the Swiss system, to find pathways for change and to provide recommendations/"solutions".

Status beginning
Administrative delay for the defence 2025 (planned)