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"Un/deserving to "be Swiss": Re-assessing "Schweizermachen" and dual citizenship"

Author Maria LASSAK
Director of thesis Jelena Tosic (HSG)
Co-director of thesis Sabine Strasser (University of Bern) and Tanja Schneider (HSG)
Summary of thesis

My doctoral thesis is part of the research project "Moralizations of Inequality in Europe ". The project deals with the negotiation of access to various state resources in Switzerland, Austria, and Hungary. My project with the working title "Un/deserving to "be Swiss": Re-assessing "Schweizermachen" and dual citizenship" deals with the topic of naturalisation and dual citizenship in Switzerland.

For this purpose, I deal with different institutions and groups of people who are important in the naturalisation process: 1) With people who are in the naturalization process or decided against the process. 2) With people who are involved in the process (including, among others, the members of the naturalisation committees who conduct interviews with the candidates, as well as employees or staff at federal or cantonal level). 3) People who politically campaign for a change in the naturalisation law.

The study is an ethnographic research and uses qualitative research methods such as interviews, informal conversations, and participant observation.

Status beginning
Administrative delay for the defence 2024