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A Year with Mothers and Daughters Intimate dialogues and multiple belongings across generations, faiths, and desires

Author Nadia BELLARDI
Director of thesis Prof. Dr. George-Paul Meiu
Co-director of thesis
Summary of thesis

The multi-sited ethnographic project "A Year with Mothers and Daughters" foregrounds mother-daughter relationships to explore the role of faith and religious sentiments in queer lives and the challenges of intergenerational dialogue in European ‘postmigrant’ settings. The research aims to deliver nuanced insights into religious communities by discovering spaces where multi-layered identities can be expressed, and narratives are more complicated than discrimination or stereotyping of gender, sexual or religious minorities. A particular focus is on how queer women of Muslim background find conviviality and belonging and how they relate to their diaspora communities or families of origin. The theme of motherhood/daughterhood becomes an anthropological lens for thinking about ‘otherness’ differently and discovering concerns, strategies, and desires shared across faith and non-faith backgrounds, generations, and sexual orientations. Autoethnography and a collaborative sound collage of memories and soundscapes will recreate ‘emotional spaces’ for intimate conversations around how to reconcile our desires (sexual, creative, spiritual and otherwise) with our circumstances.

Status beginning
Administrative delay for the defence 2026
URL https://www.transcultural-consulting.org