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Deconstructing Cultural and Organizational postcolonial imaginaries in Post-Conflict Colombia: Alternative Media and Emerging Social Leadership voices and emerging praxis

Author Oscar BOHORQUEZ
Director of thesis Yvette Sanchez
Co-director of thesis Christian Bueschges
Summary of thesis



This research delves into the deconstruction of cultural and organizational postcolonial imaginaries within the context of post-conflict Colombia. Specifically, it examines the pivotal roles of alternative media and emerging voices in social leadership, with a focus on their ability to elucidate the intricate dynamics of cultural transformation and shifts in the organizational landscape.


The study centers on the narratives crafted by emerging alternative media outlets and leaders of social movements, emphasizing their significant contributions to the cultural metamorphosis that underlies the process of social reconstruction, transformation, and the emergence of a culture of peace in Colombia.


Through a comprehensive analysis of visual storytelling, the preservation of cultural context, the augmentation of research skills, the implementation of human-centric approaches, ethical considerations, cross-cultural communication, and audience understanding, this research seeks to provide a scholarly understanding of how decolonial narratives, strategic alliances, and alternative media platforms serve as essential components in this process of deconstruction. The study highlights the interplay between local and global initiatives, offering insights into the ongoing development of a harmonious and inclusive Colombian society.

Status beginning
Administrative delay for the defence 2025