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[REPORT À 2021] Dealing with an Awful Mess: Data Labor, Collaborations and Carving Out Research Pathways


postponed to 2021


Prof. David Bozzini, UNIFR

Prof. Nicolas Nova, HEAD Geneva


Prof. Jérôme Denis (CSI Paris)

Second invited expert: TBA


Research in anthropology inevitably implies dealing with a wide range of data, encounters, tools and media. Data, notes and analytical memos are usually scattered and rarely incorporated into one unique framework. Who hasn't grumbled while trying to remember where an important quote from a field trip is? The way to turn ethnographic material into a coherent set of observations and eventually into a PhD dissertation or journal article remains vague in our discipline. Guiding principles and personal tactics can certainly help; but they are seldom addressed in the anthropology literature. The reason may be that a lot of processes are at work: memories, intuition, reassessment of data, ongoing discussions with key informants and colleagues, jotting down ideas, coding, (re)classifications, etc. play some role in carving out our interpretations and create an ever-growing array of inscriptions.

This workshop invites PhD candidates to shed a reflexive light on research pathways from the organization of data to drafting research results, and reflecting on findings. More precisely, we will focus on 1. material processes that help us think, organize and interpret qualitative data and 2. ways of collaborating with research participants and other consultants to make sense of our fieldwork experience and data. Please bear in mind that this workshop is NOT an exhaustive overview about research methods, an introduction to Digital Asset Management or Qualitative Data Analysis software or the perfect solution for dealing with your PhD material.


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