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Module '?-graphy'


6-8 Juin 2017

Lang EN Workshop language is English

Prof. Johannes Quack, Dr. Sandra Bärnreuther



Gregor Dobler (Universität Freiburg), Don Gardner (Universität Luzern)


Ellen Hertz (Université de Neuchâtel), Janina Kehr (Universität Zürich)


Townsend Middleton (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)


Tobias Rees (McGill University)




Did anthropology and ethnography somehow forfeit "ethnos" over the last decades? If no, in what ways have the meanings of "ethnos" shifted? If yes, how is the place of "ethnos" filled today, if at all?




In his forthcoming book, "After Ethnos" (2017), Tobias Rees addresses the far-reaching question: What is anthropology today? What is the current role of ethnography, which has defined the discipline of anthropology for the last century? How do we account for shifts from classical village-based ethnographies to new research approaches over the last decades? Can most of anthropology's contemporary work still be referred to as ethnography? Or has the discipline entered a new age that can be better described as "after ethnos"?




The module will consist of a debate around these questions. We will not only discuss Tobias Rees's work but also engage with other voices that conceptualize anthropology and ethnography in different ways and may want to emphasize continuities rather than rupture. All "invited speakers" will write and circulate short responses (ca. 5-8 pages) to the main arguments of "After Ethnos" in view of their own research experience. On this basis, we will discuss the various perspectives on objects of study and methods within the discipline. One of the aims of the workshop is to publish the speaker's responses to Tobias Rees's arguments in a special issue.




The module comprises two parts: the first will consist of a general discussion with the speakers where students are encouraged to reflect on their perspective on the discipline more generally. Participants are required to read excerpts from Tobias Rees's book and the pre-circulated responses. During the second part of the workshop, we invite students to present questions from their own research projects that touch upon these issues. These may be considered for publication in the special issue as well.



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Deadline for registration 01.06.2017
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