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Ecology and Hermeneutics of Skills


September 19-21, 2019


Prof. Mareile Flitsch, UZH

Raphael Schwere, UZH



Prof. Cristina Grasseni, Leiden University 

Dr. Franz Krause, University of Cologne


The topic of skill is increasingly addressed when investigating material culture and artifacts, production and consumption, social organization of everyday life, representation of practical knowledge, tacit knowing, apprenticeship, or objectification of ritual. At the same time, doctoral students increasingly situate their research in human-animal and human-environment relations, and it seems timely to reflect on the growing number of publications in this field. This workshop provides doctoral students with an opportunity to gain insight into issues of skill and competence in human-environment relations. Apart from introducing the current state of the art and new trends, two major issues will be addressed in particular: 1) Ecologies of skill: What role do skills play in human-environment relations? How can anthropologists examine human-environment relations from a skill perspective? How do skills form human-environment relations and how are they formed in such? Are skills shared or co-conditioned with non-human actors? 2) Hermeneutics of skill: How do and can anthropologists work theoretically and methodically with concepts of skill? What is the relevance and what are strategies of 'enskilment' during fieldwork? How can skilled actions be interpreted, understood, explained and communicated, or modelled?


Boldern, Männerdorf ZH


Participation fee: CHF 50 


For students of the CUSO universities (Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Fribourg) and from the universities of Bern, Zürich and Luzern, accommodation and meals at Boldern, Männedorf, are organized and covered by the CUSO doctoral program in anthropology. Travel expenses will be reimbursed based on half-fare train ticket (2nd class) from the student's university to the place of the activity.



Deadline for registration 12.09.2019
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