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Engaging with Fast Money: The Anthropology of Rapidly Reconfiguring Social Fields


October 31 - November 2, 2019


Prof. Bettina Beer, UNILU


Prof. Mette High, St. Andrews, UK


Whether from the opening of new extractive frontiers and the proliferation of new cash crops, or expanding access to credit and hurried circulations of tourists, local life-worlds face change resulting from both global and more regional flows of money. To anthropologists studying such changes, the subsequent economic, social, and political landscapes are both globally resonant and highly particular to the context in question. What drives local forms of engagement with these flows and how are local processes of change actually produced, whether through negotiation, exploitation, resistance, or despair? How are different strategies shaped by the social fields in place and by the imagination of social fields to come? Anthropological approaches can be vital in dissecting the micro-level processes that constitute people's engagement with and understanding of 'fast money', and showing how these speak to broader debates about globalization, financialization, 'friction', capitalism, commodification, resistance, and resource management. Workshop participants are invited to reflect on how the populations they study relate to this fast money, under the stimulation of experts in this area of research.


Hotel Sonnenberg, Kriens, LU


Participation fee: CHF 50 


For students of the CUSO universities (Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Fribourg) and from the universities of Bern, Zürich and Luzern, accommodation and meals at Hotel Sonnenberg are organized and covered by the CUSO doctoral program in anthropology. Travel expenses will be reimbursed based on half-fare train ticket (2nd class) from the student's university to the place of the activity.



Deadline for registration 24.10.2019
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