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Let’s Blog


03 + 04-05-2018

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Dr. Marion Schulze, UniNE


Dr. Marion Schulze, UniNE


Let's blog! Did you always want to start a blog about your research but never knew how to? Then this workshop is right for you. If you are a keen observer of scientific knowledge production you should have noticed that science blogs surfaced increasingly in recent years as a popular outlet used by researchers to talk about their work. This is not surprising because blogs, with their hyperlink structure and facilitation of image-word combinations, mirror scientific reasoning much better than classic linear written texts. Also, blogs can make research a lot more relatable to lay persons and thus transferable to a larger public. This one and a half day workshop is practice-oriented. In sum, its aim is twofold: (1) participants will create their own blog or work on their existing blog(s) and (2) participants are invited to reflect on what implementing a blog into a research design means and how it is best done. Students will thus be asked to create a blog and write their first blog entry based on their PhD research (and don't be afraid: you can always talk about your research not matter where you are in the process) or they are invited to keep working on their blog. This will lead to discussing best practices in scientific blogging. Other topics addressed in this workshop will be the impact blogging has on writing up your PhD thesis, how it helps to communicate easily with informants (and generate data) but also to publish first research results. Finally, we will expand the discussion from the blog format to other platforms, such as "social networks" like Instagram, or a personal website. The languages used (E, D, F) will be adapted in consequence of the participants'





Deadline for registration 27.04.2018
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