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[ANNULÉ 18790007] What a difference a blog makes: tackling a specific form of knowledge creation/production & diffusion



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Dr. Marion Schulze


Dr. Marion Schulze


The key theorists for your research blog, your informants blog, your colleagues blog. Do you blog? Blogs, as major forces that permit very specific ways of creating and distributing knowledge through the Internet (many-to-many, convergent, participatory), will take center stage in this workshop. So how do we and should we treat blogs, their authors, and the information they distribute in our research and daily work as scientists? This workshop will be structured around three main epistemological and methodological topics: (1) Do blogs change our understanding of what legitimate scientific knowledge is and what is not? If so, what consequences does this have for our way of addressing these blogs in our research? (2) In return, what do blogs tell us about contemporary legitimate ways of producing scientific knowledge; or: would a thesis in blog format be accepted? (3) How to use blogs in research? Do blogs generate knowledge that classic field research doesn't? Why does writing a blog help in writing up your thesis? Does a blog help for networking and to get your name out as a scientific? Each topic will be introduced and addressed from the bottom up in looking at and discussing examples (attendees are also welcomed to send in their own examples) to garner a larger understanding of how to make use of today's many-to-many, convergent and participatory media landscape for our work. This will be done in small groups but also in larger discussions. Also, small exercises will be given during this one-day workshop. The languages used (E, D, F) will be adapted in consequence of the participants'





Deadline for registration 10.03.2018
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