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Gender, sexuality and fieldwork


9 - 10 December 2019


Meenakshi Nair Ambujam (IHEID) Marie de Lutz (IHEID)


Dr. Sinah Theres Kloß (University of Cologne) Dr. Fenneke Reysoo (IHEID)


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In anthropology, fieldwork occupies a privileged position. While doctoral training provides valuable insight into the method of doing fieldwork, very little is said about experiences of sexual(ized) harassment and violence that researchers-in particular women, non-cis non-binary persons- encounter in the field. Consequently, through this workshop we seek to problematize the epistemological foundations that underlie fieldwork as a method. Further, we seek to understand how established norms and notions of what constitutes a good fieldwork has the perverse effect of obliterating vulnerabilities experienced by researchers, especially PhD candidates. In doing so, we are thinking particularly about how such experiences can be written into the theses and writings we produce, and the implications of such writing in how we dialogue on the relationship between researchers, research participants, and the broader social spaces in which we are all embedded. The workshop will be divided into two days: a first day focused on navigating issues of sex and gender-based violence during fieldwork, and a second day focused on the return from fieldwork and the writing process. This workshop is intended as a safe space in which we can dialogue openly on our experiences and concerns. It will offer a space for PhD students to reflect upon the relations between the ethical, political, and personal challenges in the dissertation process. This includes the production of knowledge and forms of representation of individuals or groups who may simultaneously be victims, collaborators, and perpetrators of violence against fieldworkers or others in the fieldworker's social worlds. Keynote addresses by senior researchers will serve as a framework from which PhD students can actively dialogue on these issues on an egalitarian basis.





Deadline for registration 09.12.2019
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