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Metrics: How Things are Rendered Calculable


June 17-18


Prof. Sandra Bärnreuther, UNILU

Nicole Ahoya, UNILU


Prof. Susan Erikson, Simon Fraser University, US

Another expert to be appointed


Technologies of measurement and calculation organize daily lives in powerful ways, be it collecting biometric data, measuring inequality, or evaluating university courses. In this CUSO seminar, we critically engage with their workings, promises, and effects. How are metrics produced and used in specific contexts? What data to they generate? What political implications and unintended consequences do they have? And what kind of values and judgments do they embody and generate? PhD students are invited to present and discuss their research projects dealing with contexts that are shaped by technologies of measurement and calculation. For example, projects could raise questions about the ways in which bodies, health, economies, development, inequality, water, climate, or the future are rendered calculable, or not. Over the course of the seminar, we also reflect on how the discipline of anthropology has contributed to these processes or provided possible alternatives to them.


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Deadline for registration 01.06.2021
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