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A new liver, a new life? Intimate uncertainties and moral economies of transnational liver transplantation in Germany.

Author Julia Rehsmann
Director of thesis Prof. Dr. Sabine Strasser
Co-director of thesis
Summary of thesis This research project sheds light on the circumstances surrounding Germany’s transplant system and its ambivalences that causes people to cross EU borders to receive transplants. Under study will be the transnational interrelations of patients, surgeons and donors at three levels: states governing, clinics practicing and individuals intimately experiencing organ transplants. This project focuses on precarity and moral obligations involved when patients face serious health problems, as well as the practices of moralities when a part of the body is exchanged from one person to the other. The study of these intimate uncertainties of precarious lives on the threshold of life and death will contribute to a deeper understanding of the moral economy across EU borders.
Status middle
Administrative delay for the defence