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Between expulsions and environmental degradation: landscapes of the urban poor in Accra, Ghana

Author Dagna Rams (Drzazdzewska)
Director of thesis Prof. Mark Goodale
Co-director of thesis
Summary of thesis My research traces the difficult emergence of environmental degradation as a political issue in Ghana and the expulsions of people blamed for it as a preferred solution to the problem. I approach expulsions as a symptom of fiscal tightening, media and spectacle, land speculation, and pressures of international development agendas. Positioning my research in the biggest slum in Ghana (Old Fadama/Agbogbloshie), which is a host to an electronic waste and plastic waste dump, I try to depict landscapes of the urban poor paying attention to their complexity. I am interested in how budgets work in government institutions and with what results for slum communities, how environment becomes a political concern, how waste economies function, how urban land is il-legalised and legalised, commodified and grabbed, and how all this circumscribes and destabilises spaces of the urban poor in Ghana and African contexts more generally.
Administrative delay for the defence