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The Little Pamir at Large: Mobility and Circulation from the Tip of Afghanistan to a More Interconnected World

Author Tobias Marschall
Director of thesis Professeur Alessandro Monsutti
Co-director of thesis -
Summary of thesis An important body of literature on mobility and space emerged in the past two decades that became instrumental to the contemporary study of a world in motion. These works tend to view social dynamics as the primary factor in driving the movement of people, goods and ideas from place to place, while neglecting the importance of environmental dimensions such as (international borders, mountainous terrain and existing trade routes, pathways, high mountain passes and pastures). In my research, I argue that physical settings are paramount to the dynamics of mobility and circulation between pastoral communities like the Afghan Kyrgyz and external stakeholders such as formal state governments, international organisations and global markets. By examining the social networks and coping strategies of Kyrgyz pastoralists in the high mountain setting of the Little Pamir in Afghanistan, I intend to make a broader contribution to the scholarship on mobility and space that take specific spatial social relations as first vector of inquiry.
Status beginning
Administrative delay for the defence 2021
URL http://tobias.marschall.myportfolio.com