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Land conflicts and forest governance in Indonesia

Author Yudi Bachrioktora
Director of thesis Prof. Dr. Heinzpeter Znoj
Co-director of thesis
Summary of thesis My thesis discusses local communities reaction in the Jambi province, Indonesia to the new regime of forest consession. This concession is part of the reducing deforestation and forest degradation under the REDD+ scheme called ecosystem restoration concession. A national and international NGO formed a company called Indonesia Ecosystem Restoration Company (REKI) and received a concession in Jambi and South Sumatera provinces. The concession is known as Harapan rainforest or Forest of Hope. Nevertheless, conflicts and disputes involving local communities and the company REKI erupted when the concessions implemented. Therefore, my research wants to explore how people in the Harapan forest, both peasant and indigenous communities, negotiate with this situation.
Administrative delay for the defence