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Urbanization on the Move. Investigating patterns of migration and urbanisation along the Beninois Littoral

Author Alice HERTZOG
Director of thesis Dr Christian Schmid
Co-director of thesis Dr. Armelle Choplin & Dr. Pius Krütli
Summary of thesis

Alice Hertzog is currently a doctoral student affiliated with the Chair of Sociology and the

Transdisciplinarity Lab at ETH Zürich. Her research looks at urban diversity and mobility along the

Lagos – Abidjan corridor in West Africa. She is interested in how people on the move shape the

places they travel through and come from, with a focus on trans-local urban development. She

spent 2017 – 2018 in South Benin, conducting ethnographic research, travelling up and down the

corridor and working with vendors, development workers, participatory mappers and the national

statistics office. She is currently writing-up her findings and plans to submit her dissertation mid-

2019. She is supervised by urban scholars Dr Christian Schmid and Dr. Armelle Choplin and transdisciplinary

researcher Dr. Pius Krütli.

Status finishing
Administrative delay for the defence 2019
URL http://www.tdlab.usys.ethz.ch/team/person-detail.alice-hertzog.html